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The Beginning With IOT

21st century - Marked the major Technological Development and witnessed so many inventions and game changing concepts. some like ios and Android brought the world in our palms where as newbie IOT aimed for connecting every object to Human and machine to machine, for information through cloud sync.

India is one of the most populated countries and around every second 3 Indians buy or use a new technology...

iot training indore


The Vision with IOT

Let us have a vision for India where people are connected with their physical surrounding for their ease of access and thus, mark the whole new era of data management, intelligence for planning and decision making. IOTA is one of the Best IOT Training in Indore.

Let there be a future of India where it is even more incredible with INTERNET OF THINGS...!!

iot coaching in indore


A Giant leap to Future with IOT

With the Growing demands and statistics, IOT Aims for a future till 2020, where every human is interconnected to dozens of data spouting and cloud centric devices,

Able to create a REVOLUTION WITH IOT

Learn Online

One of the most important areas where we can grow as professionals and competent in Grasping and sharing valuable knowledge, inculcate practical experience in data-processing and "Internet Of Things" which is the key to the future of Web Management

Expert Trainer

The trainer who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind and nurtures your way towards Information and Technology. Feel free to join us and move forward towards future.

Best Classrooms

We provide ergonomic surrounding which fulfils prerequisite Knowledge and Resources. Various teaching modes are available which includes visual and hearing aids in which line of communication will be provided as per the aspirants.

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New IOTA Batch Start From

July 1

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June 15

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New IOTA Training Batch Start From

July 1

About Us

Situated in the heart of the city Indore, we aim for providing intensive training on information & technology and framework which enables IoT communication, better than anyone else. We enhance the ability to understand the power of “THE INTERNET OF THE THINGS” and achieve multi-fold development and success in your future.

  • We are here to teach you how to connect various devices/applications to the IoT Platform, and will cover several of the methods of doing so..
  • We will enrich and brush up your capabilities which in turn would increase your success rate multi folds with the help of professional trainers and advisers , we will always try to meet every expectation.The training facility features an innovation and design lab intended to help developers launch their own IoT solutions.
  • Student help centre has been set up for those who want to opt for special course like on-line education and training.
  • We will constantly guide you through the training and give you insight of IOT in your future career.

Being in the heart of the city, we are always available for the ease of reach and access. Best IOT Training in Indore. IOT Coaching Institute in Indore






Modern Lab




IOTA academy offers training and courses that gives the aspirants the EDGE they need to maximize IOT knowledge and Gain multi fold success rate.

Professional Courses

Courses will focus on IOT and topics including big data , smart apps, security , smart city , automation and location tracking. Because of the technical nature of the program , the course is suited for all the aspirants who seek to gain knowledge and professionals with the background in Engineering as well as people from health care to telecommunication.

Audio/ Visual Lessons

The online courses will be made available through youtube channels , audio lessons and face to face learning and teaching program from faculties. You will be taught to work with sensors, actuators, processors and communication protocols to understand and develop skills that will help you in deploying real life IoT applications. There are both theory and lab sections included in this course.

Professional Certificate

The training facility will provide bonafied certificate upon the completion of the course. Regular practical and exams will be held to test the attained knowledge, creativity, and programming skills and thus, grades will be allotted as per their performances. Institution verified certificate will be rewarded to the deserving candidates.

Latest Courses

The Courses are offered strictly on the bases of institution curriculum and hence, is liable to change or modified under institution based rules and regulation.

Mobile Apps for IOT

Fees: 2500 Rs.


Fees: 4500/-Rs

IOT Apps

6178IMG_20181011_111226 (1).jpg
Fees: 5000 Rs.

Embedded System

3500 Rs.

Sixth sense Technology

Fees:2000 Rs.

Smart Computation

Fees:2500 Rs.


Trainers and teaching faculties with their 10 year experience in data processing and information and technology are here to enhance and guide the aspirants in every possible way which and get you a step closer to Success.

amit bhatt iot trainer in indore

Amit Bhatt

IOT Training Head

He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from IET, Indore in 2004 in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and Master of Technology degree in Digital Instrumentation in year 2012 from IET, DAVV, Indore. He has received Gold Medal from Hon. President Pranav Mukharji for his excellence work in Academics and Research. He has more than a decade of experience. He has trained more than 500 students in past 9 years who have been placed in top ranked companies. He has been associated with different Academic Institutes and Software companies. His main area of research is Digital Image processing, Embedded System and Internet of things, C#, Matlab

teacher img

Devesh Gupta

Senior Trainer

He is an engineer with a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication. He is having an experience of industry of about 5 years and providing trainings for more than 4 years. His expertises are Embedded Systems, Arduino, Automation, IOT (Internet of Things), PLC’s. He is working on domestic automation products like room automation, water level controller etc and smart solution like smart parking,smart security systems.

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Prashant Gade

Designer of Bio_Nick

Prashant holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Tele-comm. from North Maharashtra University. He recently completed his research fellowship at Fab - Lab and his research topic was Medical devices , where he worked on several prosthetic hands and discover how different methods can be adopted to make a low cost prosthesis. During his research period at he has visited several prosthetic limb centers and gained a good knowledge in this field , which can help to build a more user friendly prosthetic limb. During his undergrad he has been awarded as the most innovative student for his innovation on "system for vehicle and traffic control system". And was also featured by safe drive India for his work on traffic control system.Prashant research on prosthetic devices will help to build prosthetic devices which are more user friendly and easy to use.

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Kamlesh Jaware

Project Manager

हेम्नः संलक्ष्यते ह्यग्नौ विशुद्धि: श्यामिकाऽपि वा ।
Hemnah samlakshyate hyagnau vishuddhih shyaamikaapi va




Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.


Bill Gates


Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.


Steve Jobs

Founder Of APPLE


IOTA will give constant Technical updates and Announcements about our products traning and Tech reviews