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NEW DELHI: On launching the second edition of ‘IoT India Congress 2017’ organized by IET, IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said that India has the potential to emerge as the global leader on the IoT (Internet of Thigs) front. “When it comes to IoT, India should aspire nothing less than the leadership, a leadership that is visionary and truly understands the potential of technology. There is tremendous scope for India to emerge as the leader, “said Sundararajan during her welcome note. India is slowly emerging as a global destination for many of the IoT technologies. Smart Cities programme has got India the global attention it needed. “There is a lot of hard work to be done whether it is in the evolution of standards, or putting together the necessary infrastructure, aligning the industry and making sure that new business models emerge. We need to ensure that the new collaborations are forged between the government, academia and industry,” added Sundararajan.