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Embedded System


Course Information

  • Course Price: 3500 Rs.

  • Course Duration: 45 Hrs

  • Course Start: 01 July


Training Program Outline:

• Introduction to Embedded Systems, Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Selection & Design tips, Programming Languages, Step to Step design of building blocks of a Microprocessor & Microcontroller

• Integrated Development Environments for microcontroller programming using Embedded IDE Practice session to get familiar with IDE

• Microcontroller architecture, Microcontroller Programming Pin diagram & Essential connections to make MicroController work,

• Interfacing LEDs & Switches Generating delays & different types of patterns using LEDs, Input from switches.

• Instruction set of MicroController ,Writing simple programs of arithmetic & logical operations.

• Interfacing LCD with MicroController, developing a moving message display on LCD Interfacing ADC

• Interfacing Relays with MicroController.

• Interfacing motors Designing simple robots using DC & Stepper motors.

Interfacing IR sensors,

• Designing & developing projects using MicroController, Designing & Construction of overall project development.

• Introduction to AVR Microcontroller.

• Pin Diagram/ Architecture of ATmega 8 Microcontroller.

• C Programming Language.

• Integrated Development Environments for Microcontroller programming using ARDUINO.

• Practice session to get familiar with Arduino software.

• Basic Interfacing with different components like LED, Switches, Buzzer. etc.

• Fundamental of Line follower and Obstacle avoidance Robots. Communication Protocol

• Parallel Communication

• Serial Communication

Course Topics