Industrial Training: Electronic Design Course

Course Description

Electronic Design

2500 Rs.


 Introduction to Electronics, Electronics Design Automation (EDA) tools

 • Concepts of electricity, voltage, current, loading effect.

• Electronic components: Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Transistors, Voltage regulators etc. Selection criteria, types, ratings, behavior, applications in circuits, Hands on practice in designing circuits from these components.

• Integrated Circuits and their applications, OPAMS – characteristics. Designing amplifiers, filters, comparators circuits, Special purpose IC’s IC555, LM324 etc.

• Sensors & transducers: LDR, Temperature, pressure, IR sensors etc.

• Digital Design: Logic families, Designing logic gates from transistors, Power, performance and cost criteria in logic circuit design, Integrated circuits.

• Microprocessor fundamentals and design.

• Electronic circuit design using software like EAGLE CAD, PCB design, PCB fabrication, Drilling, Soldering.

• Electronic project development tips