Industrial Training: Internet of Things(IoT) Course

Course Description


Fees: 4500/-Rs



• What is Embedded system

• Difference between Embedded System and IoT

• What is IoT - In-depth explanation

• IoT Applications in different domain

• How large is the IoT Market in different domains? Introduction to IoT Architecture and Technologies

• Architecture.

• Protocols Sensors and Actuators

• What is Sensor & Actuator?

• What is good sensor?

• Sensor properties.

• Types of sensors

• Sensor Demo(Temperature, Pressure etc) Connectivity Technologies& Communication Protocols

• Introduction to communication architecture- Network protocol stack

• Different protocols

• RF: Zig-Bee, Blue Tooth Communication Channels: GSM/GPRS, 2G, 3G , WiFi,

• IoT protocols: like TCP, UDP, HTTP/s. Introduction to Arduino

• Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor.

• Introduction to AVR Microcontroller. What is cloud, different types of cloud , benefits of cloud .

• What is cloud?

• What is cloud computing?

• Benefits of cloud.

• History of cloud computing.

• Deployment Models.

• Top cloud providers.

• Service Models

•Service Catalogue

• Different Services

• Advantages for different offerings

• Our learning in selecting the right service provider Web services

• What are Web Services?

• Why Web Services.

• Types of Web Services.

• Restful web services.

• Design Principles. Design principles w.r.t architecture, power, ruggedness, size, weight and security

• Device manufacturing experience

• How secure is IoT?

• Vulnerabilities •

Key aspects for Securing IoT solutions